How to Bomb an Interview Without Even Talking

bomb an interview

Before you even open your mouth you could do something to bomb an interview. Pay attention to your body language, clothes, general attitude, and other things in order to nail your interview and get the job. Be sure to consider all of the following things before your next interview. Don’t Bomb an Interview Eye Contact…

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Great Phrases for a Resume: Use one today!

Great Phrases for a Resume

You never really know how many people are applying for the same jobs that you are. So, you have to make your resume stands out in a sea of applicants if you really want to land an interview. The following are great phrases for a resume. If applicable, use them to make a hiring manager…

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Fast-Growing Careers for Remote Jobs in 2021

Looking for remote jobs in 2021? Remote jobs are becoming a new way of life in 2021. Many professionals enjoy the freedom of working wherever they want while earning a good income and it is good for the company as well because it lowers overhead and other costs. Related: 10 Best Remote Work Practices To…

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Stats in a Resume will Land You the Job: Here’s How

Stats in a Resume

Does your resume need more stats? Numbers and percents will get you noticed. Stats in a resume matter to your current and future bosses more than anything else. Why? One of the most recent reasons is the global shift to remote work due to the pandemic. If your boss can’t see you do actual work,…

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Writing a Time Management Action Plan for Remote Teams

time management

As more people have to adjust to remote work, managers need to ensure team efficiency. “How?” you ask. The answer lies in a time management action plan. Poor time management can build up stress and tension while your team hectically tries to keep it together and meet the deadline. Don’t let this happen. Write an…

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Professional Email Rules – Stay Above Board

email rules

Proper email etiquette is a real thing in business. Follow these email rules to always remain professional in your written communication.  You don’t want your emails to get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of emails we all get every day. Or even worse, you really don’t want what you have written to be…

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3 Time-Tested Ways to Attract a Potential Employer

Attract a Potential Employer

A resume is a critical tool in the job market. Still, many job applicants underestimate its value to attract a potential employer. That is why many experts with vast experience and excellent skills do not get an offer no matter how hard they try. Isn’t it a pity? Find out how with a resume, you…

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Resume Tricks to Get Past Artificial Intelligence

resume tricks

Resume tricks and strategies to get past ATS and AI technology. We came across a really helpful article for resume tricks in the New York Times recently titles, Résumé-Writing Tips to Help You Get Past the A.I. Gatekeepers and we wanted to share. We often get asked, “Why Aren’t I Getting Responses to My Resume?”…

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Get Promoted – 4 Ways that Work

Get Promoted

Are you hoping to get promoted soon? Have you been wondering how you can help with the process? Here are 4 ways that will help your boss recognize that you deserve it. Surprisingly, they all have to do with asking for help – not pretending you can do it all on your own. Are you…

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