5 Recruiter Pet Peeves by Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak writes for Manpower’s MyPath career website.  She recently wrote a post called Top 5 Recruiter Pet Peeves REVEALED!

It is a great list, with great info.  Scoot on over and check it out.  I normally don’t list the entire list in my post but I am this time because the comments have great additional thoughts.  Here are Lindsey’s 5 (click here to see explanations):

  1. “Creative” resumes.
  2. Not doing your homework.
  3. Texting.
  4. “Just following up.”
  5. Asking for too much too soon.
  6. _________________ (comment from Becky Benishek… click to see)
  7. _________________ (comment from Jill Perlberg… click to see)

Awesome list Lindsey – I bet recruiters could write a list of 100 pet peeves from job seekers!

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