Conquering Your Fear

We are all afraid of something, right? Spiders. Public Speaking. Dying. Change. Fear can be a powerful motivator. Learn how to use it to your advantage in your job search. Are you afraid of your [...]

Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Land the Next Job Take the guess work out of your next interview and go in swinging. Well, not actually swinging, that would be scary and a sure way to NOT get the job. Unless you were applying [...]

The Art of Saying “Thank You”

Craft a Thank You immediately after your interview We’ve all played the anxious, nail-biting waiting game. The interview is over and now the anticipation begins. In order to fill the time [...]

Interview Follow-Up: Just Do It!

How Effective is Your Interview Follow-up? So, you’ve had your interview, you sent your thank you, you keep searching–now what? If you are in a lull with your job search it is good to [...]