Job Search: You Have To Pick Up The Phone

In my job search I was told that networking was how I’d likely find my next job.  The higher the level, or the bigger the salary, the more important networking is, they said. I didn’t [...]

How To Have An Awesome Job Search Interview

Here’s another JobMob post, written by Nettie Feldman of the Afternoon Schmooze talk show. This one is titled 6 Standout Job Interview Tips from a Professional Interviewer.  Nettie says: [...]

Target Companies: Another Company Research Tool

Following up on last week’s post about doing company research before a job interview, I wanted to share another solid resource – one that I use regularly. TechCrunch is one of the top [...]

Target Companies: How to do Company Research for a Job Interview

I am a huge fan of having a list of target companies.  I just read a post on JobMob (guest written buy Nisa Chitakasem) on how to research a company before the big interview.  Nisa is writing [...]

Are You Blessed? #jobsearch

About ten days ago my daughter fell on her face and smashed her front teeth in. Shortly after we carried our pained four year old into the emergency room and got whisked into a private room right [...]

An Executive Resume Writer…

… is NOT a typist. When you hire a professional resume writer, or an executive resume writer, you are hiring someone to create your personal marketing material. They are not just there to [...]

Changing Careers, Transferable Skills and Recruiters

Brad Attig wrote an excellent post on how recruiters fit into your job search. Brad is a professional recruiters helping fill retail positions.  In his post he talks about how we want to help [...]

Resume Review: How’s Your Resume

How’s your resume?  Can you find it? Is it accessible? When I got laid off I spent a week looking for my old resume, which was 6 years old. I didn’t find it, I just wasted five days [...]