Job Search Software

As a software person I wanted to know what kind of software I could use in a job search (this was five years ago!). The obvious software tools were job boards.  But I didn’t consider those [...]

Job Search Email Etiquette (Part II)

Tuesday I blogged about Job Search Email Etiquette, which I’m pretty passionate about. The issue, really, is about communication.  It’s 100% communication – whether written, [...]

Job Search Email Etiquette (Part I)

Alison Doyle, the job search expert at, wrote an article titled Email Etiquette for Job Seekers.  In her brief article she says it’s important to write a professional message that [...]

2011 Career Predictions: What It Means For Us

I wrote about my career predictions yesterday… here’s what it means for us, individually: >> The economy is going to continue to be in the toilet, despite any reports otherwise. [...]

Lindsey Pollak’s 2011 Career Trends (and Jason Alba’s Predictions)

Lindsey Pollak, author and speaker on all-things-career, has a three trends she listed on Manpower’s blog (read her post and reasoning here): The job market is not improving fast enough for [...]

Best Job Search Tips from Job Search Experts

Alison Doyle, the Job Search expert at, has a post up with tips from job search experts.  Many have to do with their particular product, which is understandable, but they all have good [...]

Expat: Can’t find a job in the U.S.? Go somewhere else!

Who knows how the job market will change this year.  In my job search I initially looked for jobs within a short commute from my home. That didn’t work well, so I extended the search to a [...]

How to position yourself in an interview

I was reading Ken Kaufman’s CFO blog recently, intrigued by his predictions (trends for entrepreneurs) for 2011.  I like to read what financial people think because they have interesting [...]

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