How to prioritize your tasks as a job seeker

My last post was about networking too much… at the end I talked about the IMPORTANT and URGENT tasks. Recently I read an awesome idea on how to ensure you are moving forward (not just doing [...]

Don’t Network “too much”

I read some great posts recently about networking “too much.” I thought it was a weird idea since job seekers are supposed to network a lot… that’s where the next job will [...]

Job Seekers: How Will You Be Remembered?

When I was a hiring manager at my last company I had a number of times when I was looking for talent.  One particular round of hiring stands out from all others.  I interviewed about 20 people. [...]

The Job Search Is Scary. Embrace Scary?

I know how scary it is.  There is a lot of scary on different levels.  Perhaps it is the fear of rejection.  The fear of discrimination.  The fear of having to do something you don’t know [...]

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