Job Search (and Career) Epiphanies

I recently wrote a post called Becoming Uncommon in your Job Search, based on a blog post I read from Glen Plantz (original post here).  The idea is cool, along the lines of personal branding, [...]

It’s not who you know. It’s not even who knows you.

You can probably guess it’s more like “it’s who knows WHAT about YOU.” Think about the last few posts on the hidden job market.  If someone who knows about an unposted job [...]

Job Search Common Sense, Privacy and Blame

I just read an account of a waiter in LA who tweeted an experience where he got stiffed on a bill from a celebrity.  Even though he apparently had less than two dozen followers, he got fired. [...]

Job Search Tip: Give Job Leads To Your Competition

One of the most rewarding things I did in my job search was to tell the interviewer about someone I had recently met at a network meeting.  The person I had met was more qualified for this job [...]

Profiles and Bios Webinar (free)

The next post ties up the “hidden job market” series, but I wanted to let you know about a free webinar I’m hosting with author of the upcoming book  “I Need to Brand My Story [...]