Job Search Networking

I love learning about networking from experts who are not into the job search.  Why? Because many of the strategies and tactics they teach are 100% applicable in a job search, but taught in the [...]

The Sky Is Falling (or it’s just changing)

Lately I’ve thought a lot about this recession, or depression, or economy, or whatever you want to call it. It’s very difficult for individuals, companies, countries… everyone [...]

Advice for the job seeking college student

I just got an email from someone who is in an enviable (because they have so much to look forward to) and unenviable (the job market stinks right now) position… here’s what they ask: [...]

I have a resume — now what???

One thing you can do with your professional resume is send it out to recruiters, venture capital firms (since they have funded companies who need staff and leadership), and others. I recently [...]